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Gain insights, and intel about your listeners using leading edge podcast analytics.

Take the guesswork out of wondering who your listeners are and if they’re listening! With TalkShoe’s podcast analytics, you can get a thorough understanding of what’s happening below the surface in real-time.

Know When Your Podcast Is Being Downloaded

TalkShoe’s podcast analytics is able to scan and pull out time-based insights about how many listeners are dropping in while you’re live and how many download your episodes to listen to later. Get a full breakdown of these numbers to give you an in-depth view of the downloading rate of your podcast.

Furthermore, you can discern downloading and listening trends to get a better feel for when your podcast is being heard by your audience. TalkShoe’s podcasting analytics proves your guess isn’t as good as cold hard stats. Curious about when to release new content? Take advantage of peak listening hours and the preferred times and days of the week your audience is chiming in.
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See How Your Podcast Is Being Listened To

Cater to the people who are loyal to your content using TalkShoe’s podcasting analytics to see who’s coming online, and leaving; Who’s sticking around for one episode, a part of an episode or binge listening to all your episodes!

Further determine the popularity of your podcast with unique user insights regarding user attraction and retention. This gives you a better perspective into what is bringing listeners on and keeping them engaged or causing them to drop off.

Detect Where Listeners Are Listening From

Understanding where your listeners are located and what device they’re listening on are valuable ways of getting closer to how they interact with your podcast. Let TalkShoe’s podcast analytics provide geographic overviews of where your fans are situated in the world. 

Listener geographics will show you where they are on a map so you can know exactly where your podcast is already popular or picking up traction. Not only does this help target listener distribution, it includes critical information for attracting sponsors, broadening your reach and providing stats and trends about current events in targeted locations that affect specific demographics.
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Evolve How Your Podcast Reaches Your Audience

TalkShoe’s podcast analytics draw in statistics and numbers that don’t lie. Visit your dashboard to view your podcast’s plays, downloads, followers and other metrics to establish what’s working to grow your audience and what isn’t. Measure specific topics and analyze episodes to better grasp the ebb and flow of your podcast’s lifespan. It’s really that simple and effective with TalkShoe!

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