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TalkShoe podcast recording software allows you to create and publish episodes with ease.

Want to record your podcast episodes but afraid you don’t have the right skills and equipment? TalkShoe is here for you.

Simply record your podcast or upload your audio file and TalkShoe will take care of the rest. Publish your podcast immediately or schedule it for later publication. TalkShow podcast recording software has helped thousands of people start their own podcasts and it is the easiest way to record and host your show.

Record and Edit Your Episodes Easily (coming soon)

Save time on editing podcasts. Slice, trim, and arrange your podcast episodes with TalkShoe’s intuitive drag and drop podcast recording and editing software. Immediately publish the episode after editing or schedule it for another day and time you’d like the episode to be available for your podcast listeners.
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You Don’t Need Expensive Equipment (coming soon)

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on recording equipment. TalkShoe podcast recording software will ensure you get the best quality in your shows with ease. Your audio files will be automatically cleaned up so your podcast episodes will always sound professional and crisp, just like your favorite million-dollar-budget podcast shows produced at fancy studios.

Host and Store Your Episodes

Once your episodes have finished recording, they will be securely stored in TalkShoe’s hosting platform. Not only are your shows 100% secure with TalkShoe’s server infrastructure, we also guarantee a 99.5% uptime. Your podcast shows are always available for your audience to listen to and files backed up daily. Spend more time growing your podcast and less time worrying about hosting and security.
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Automatic Transcription for Your Podcast

With TalkShoe, you can automatically generate a transcription of your recorded podcasts which is extremely important for your podcast’s brand awareness and searchability. You can also use a full-episode transcription to publish a podcast as a blog post. With TalkShoe’s all-in-one podcast recording software, you can easily find any part of an episode you are looking for, scroll to the selected text, click through and listen to the audio recording. Intuitive and effective search, every time!

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Hear what other TalkShoe podcasters have to say:

  • "The TalkShoe podcast platform is fantastic! It’s super easy to produce, stream, record and share via RSS feed, not to mention the hosting and unlimited storage is free! It’s the perfect platform for those new to podcasting or for professional casters. Give it a try!"

    Todd Shapiro

    The Todd Shapiro Show, SiriusXM
  • "As a long-time Podcaster, I love TalkShoe's functionality, ease of use, and constant refinements & updates! I highly recommend it for seasoned podcasters & vloggers, keen amateurs & enthusiasts. TalkShoe will give you the showcase you've wanted and much more!"

    Dave Cooper

    The Cultdom Collective Podcast